Manifesto of Compassion

Let’s create a Manifesto of Compassion together!

We want to bring young people in the South West together to create a collective Manifesto of Compassion – and you can join in too!

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What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is a statement by a person or group of people, declaring their views, intentions or motives. It is a way of asking people to join together to take action and change something.

Why it’s important

Together we are stronger. When we all come together in a sharing of ideas, intentions and motives, we can make real change in the world.

Our manifesto

Throughout the Room 627 project, we’re collecting pledges, beliefs and intentions from young people about how we can – and will – make the world a kinder and more compassionate place. These will all come together and create our Manifesto of Compassion, which will be showcased later in 2022 at the Egg Theatre and beyond.

Our manifesto:

  • Will be decided and created by young people
  • Seeks a world that is kinder, more connected and joyful

Get involved

Here’s how can contribute to our Manifesto of Compassion…

If you’re a teacher… get your school involved. You can use our Cabinet of Compassion in your classroom, and send us your creations. You can also keep an eye on our School Challenge, which we are hoping to roll out further in 2023.

If you’re a young person… have fun with the Cabinet of Compassion, and send us your creations!