Our story

The first day of school is a big day. It is a momentous and emotional event.

We may have mixed feelings leading up to the day itself: excitement, intrigue, anxiety, worries, trepidation, stress, a sense of loss or change.

Room 627 is a project created to help young people navigate the changes of moving from year 6 to year 7 with kindness, compassion and creativity. It has been funded by the #iwill fund, and it is being run by Bath Mind, The Dept of Kindness and a creative group of young people from Oldfield School. Together we have created a space where young people can explore different activities, share ideas and get creative to build confidence in the changes created by ‘moving up’.

Bath Mind and The Dept. of Kindness have been collaborating since 2018. Our Cabinet of Compassion has toured schools and community settings, interacting with over 1,300 people across Bath and North East Somerset. We will be working together until 2023 with year 6 and year 7 students, artists and creative organisations to grow this project and fill the website with creative and wellbeing resources for young people.

Find out more about everyone involved in the project here.

Find out more about our plans for the project here.

Why creativity?

We passionately believe in the transformative power of the arts. Creativity makes a difference.

It connects you to your senses, body and mind. It makes the world felt.

It helps you find your voice and display your own unique strengths.

Being involved in art and creativity can spark new ways of thinking about things, help us find solutions to our problems, ignite intuition, overcome challenges and uncertainty, find out more about ourselves, create bonds and nurture friendships, support community and global action.

Arts-rich experiences have been proven to make it more likely for young people to do better at school, more likely to volunteer, vote and participate in political campaigns.

Rocket of creativity