Our plan

Phase 1 (complete!)

May 2021 – September 2021

  • Oldfield School Wellbeing ambassadors co-devise the project and where we are heading
  • Delivering 6 week transition workshops for Year 6’s across June & July
  • Young people develop resources
  • A few open events across the summer

(Sadly rising cases of covid put a stop to our plans for wellbeing ambassadors to visit their old primary schools and talk with Year 6, as well as some summer activities, but we hope to revisit these next year.)

Phase 2

Sept 2021 – June 2022

  • Other schools become involved
  • In school creative wellbeing courses (arts on prescription) for referred young people
  • Youth training
  • Fun creative invitations and challenges to schools 
  • A ritual winter ceremony to ‘burn the worries’ we have collected along the way

Phase 3

June 2022- Feb 2023

  • Creative Work continues
  • Young People create social action projects
  • A big celebration and showcase of all the work
  • Presenting a manifesto for compassion
Yearly Planner Room 627

View the Yearly Planner

See what’s in store for Room 627 throughout 2022 – 2023

We aim to:

Give young people moving up a helping hand to make transition smoother & less stressful
Create confident young people, taking pride in the work they have designed and made happen
Boost resilience, self-confidence and self-compassion
Produce young coaches and ambassadors to cascade the work
Support the making of new friends
Share the excitement of ideas & creativity
Compassion wheel - compassion is recognising suffering and doing something about it

Thanks to Compassion Matters, Oxford, for talking with us and sharing their model of Compassion. We like it so much that we just had to share it.

Please find out more about their work here: www.compassion-matters.org