How can my child become involved?
Currently Oldfield School is taking part. We are running a 6 week creative course for year 6 at St Martins Garden Primary School. After this pilot, we can offer other schools the opportunity to bring us in to support transitioning. Watch this space to see an opportunity for your child to self – refer themselves.
How do I know the project is a safe space?

Bath Mind have robust policies & procedures in place.

Our team moderate what goes up on the website and any discussion threads posted.

We do not encourage the use of social media, many of which are for 16 years and above only.

We use a secure zoom link.

Teachers / Schools

Can my school sign up/get involved?

You are most welcome to start by using our website and any of the resources on there.

We can offer a potential array of options. This could be a 6 week course at the end of term for school leavers. Or our young ambassadors coming to your school to coach other young people. Or creative sessions. Please do get in touch at: ailsae@bathmind.org.uk 

Young people

How can I take part?

Ask your school if they are involved or let them know about our project.

We will be running some self-referral courses from Jan-May 2022 for Year 6’s and Year 7s. Watch this space.

Can I invite my friend?

Yes. Ask your friend to sign up to our waiting list to find out more.

I have something creative I want to add...

…how do I do this?

Send your poem, picture, photo, art work…anything you wish to contribute. We will then check it over and either get in touch with you or post it straight up. This may take up to 2 weeks so please be patient! Find out how to send us your creative works here.

Where can I find the consent forms?

You can download the consent forms here.

Please email them back to ailsa@bathmind.org.uk 


I am an artist/creative collaborator. How can I be involved?
Call us on 07588 524111 to discuss your ideas or how to become involved.


What will come out of this project?

This project is youth led, so we don’t know yet!

By introducing young people to a range of art forms, creative mediums and socially engaged artists, we leave these decisions in their capable hands. We may use many art forms or just one, we may create an exhibition or a manifesto. Watch this space!

How can I contact you?

You can email us at hello@room627.com if you have further questions