Permission Slip

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Write your own permission slip

Often the person we find it hardest to be kind to is OURSELVES.

Self Kindness starts with permission. Permission to prioritise yourself and make time for the things that make you feel good.

We often wait for other people to give us permission to think, look or feel a certain way….the truth is that we have the power to give it to ourselves.

Here’s how to write yourself a permission slip:


Part 1

Take a deep breath and close your eyes – if you want to.

Ask yourself… How am I feeling?


Then ask yourself… What do I need?

Part 2

Open your eyes and grab your pen and paper. Complete the sentence:

You have permission to…

Write this down. You now have a permission slip!

There’s no limit on how many permission slips you can write in a day. Maybe you want to write a permission slip for someone else who might need it too?

Tell us what you wrote below!

Share your permission slip!

Why not add your permission slip to our dispenser? Your words will inspire and support others who need it. Fill in the form or upload a picture below.

    In the classroom

    Have a permission slip session! You’ll need lots of strips of paper and pens. Simply make sure everyone has some paper and a pen, then read the instructions out loud to the class. You could pin them all up on a board as reminders, and send us a pic to be shared in our gallery!