Get quiet

Sometimes we need to turn down the outside world and come back to ourselves. To make some time to get quiet and just be. Stopping can help us come back into our world feeling refreshed and realigned.

Here are a collections of mediations and visualisations shared by the wonderful Madeline from The Soul Spa.

Heart breathing to calm your mind and body

4m 47s

A short exercise which can be done any time to reduce stress, increase focus, or just feel better.

Deep breathing for creativity

9m 20s

A longer, deep breathing exercise to re-energise and tune into the creative parts of the brain.

Explore your creativity

10m 15s

Take a relaxing boat ride to discover and explore the treasures of your creative mind.

Visit a Relaxing Spa

16m 07s

Relax and imagine yourself in a beautiful spa where you can clear negativity and absorb positive energy.

Tune in to your inner voice

16m 27s

A body scan with relaxation to allow any feelings to be heard, accepted and let go, if appropriate.

Year 6 gratitude & courage

17m 00s

Look back on your primary school years with gratitude, and look to the to the future of secondary school with curiosity and confidence.

Year 7 inner strength

17m 55s

Build the inner strength to have the confidence to try new things with out fear of failure.

Guided inner journey for families

18m 41s

A guided adventure to create inner worlds of beauty, peace and calm which can be undertaken with the whole family or alone.

In the classroom

Rest and meditation can actually increase focus and concentration. Why not add a meditation to some of your classes? There are meditations specific to year 6 and year 7 above.