Feelings check-in

Rainbow - weather and feelings

We can feel a whole range of different emotions every day, and even at different times of the day! It’s completely normal for them to change often.

Sometimes it can be hard to put our feelings into words, and so we like to use other things to help us recognise our emotions… like colour, or the weather.

Below are two different activities you can use to check in with your feelings. The Paint Chip check-in activity uses colours, and the Weather Report activity uses the weather!

Try them out and see which you prefer.

Paint chip check-in

Colour can be a brilliant tool to notice how you are feeling. Colours can help us describe a feeling that is hard to put into words.

How to use the paint chip check-in

Take a moment and look at the colours.

See which ones you are drawn to. It might be one or a few.

Ask yourself why? There may be a reason, or there may be no reason that’s clear right now.

You can use this anytime throughout your day to reflect on how you feel.

Weather Report

The weather can also help us explain how we are feeling.

Use the mood wheel below, which has been kindly donated by the fabulous Positive Planners. You can also download the PDF here to use at home, and create your very own mood wheel!


Mood wheel - Positive Planners

Mr Men & Little Miss

Which character do you feel like today?

Mr Men & Little Miss - how are you feeling

You could try:

Doing a check-in every day for a week. Notice how you feel on different days.

Doing the check-in 3 times a day. How does your mood change throughout the day after different activities?

Using a check-in as a way to describe your strengths or qualities. What best describes you and why?

In the classroom

Why not try doing check-ins at the start and end of a class? It can help us understand how activities make us feel.